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Personal Leadership

"I believe that the perspective and collaboration within a team is what leads to well-rounded decision-making and creates an inspired culture. I aim to create a space where individual strengths are utilized and team members feel valued. I believe that my role as a leader is to facilitate community building and listen to the opinions and insights given by each team member. By listening to team members, I can better understand what areas they are most passionate about and therefore delegate tasks that they will naturally excel in. By creating an open, positive environment, any team I am a part of, members will feel supported, valued, and inspired in their roles within the team."


Values & Beliefs

Leadership Philosophy in a Global Context

When working in a global context, I believe that it is important to talk through each individual's values and expectations for the team. Through my experiences working on international teams, I have noticed differences in what each culture values in the workplace and expects from its team members. I think to avoid misunderstandings when working in teams abroad, it is important to talk through potential cultural differences in the workplace. This will also help to establish an open-minded and understanding community among team members.

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