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Slc 250
slc 475

During the two Shelton Leadership Courses associated with this minor, I have learned how important a diverse perspective is when making decisions and having a growth mindset. Through activities and model studies, I have improved my perspective as a leader.


Prague, Czech Republic

course components

Key Theories & Models


Although we have studied many different models and theories throughout these two courses, the entanglement of key concepts is evident in almost every leadership model. The importance of being open-minded to new perspectives is not only essential to team building but also to expanding one's leadership skills on an individual level. Below, I have listed three key models that each taught me a unique way to incorporate diverse perspectives.

Growth Mindset:




6 Hats Model:





Global Leadership Components:




Team Discussion & Reflection

These three models work together to prove the value of broadening one's perspective not only enhances your leadership growth but can also improve your personal experiences. Throughout groupwork during this program, I have seen my groupmates bring different perspectives to situations we have experienced together. Being open minded to these differences can help you to avoid blindspots and make better leadership decisions. 




Discussion as a team about our strengths and values was helpful to promote understanding and a positive group dynamic. This insight allowed us to live and work together effectively as a team. It is inspiring to see the value of promoting this understanding among teams. I plan to take the time as a leader to create this environment for my own teams and among colleagues.







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