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FTM 484

During this course, we learned different frameworks for effective leadership and visited various businesses to see how they applied these leadership principles in their business models.  


Prague, Czech Republic

course components


Throughout the course, we learned how to navigate challenging team dynamics as a leader. We used frameworks to make the leadership theories applicable. Below is the Carpenters Sanders model.











Through this model, effective strategy is created by aligning vision and mission with the external environment in order to make strategic decions.




Prague Airport

We visited the Prague Airport to get a tour of the facilities and have a breakdown of the decision making models the airport uses when navigating challenges. In the wake of the pandemic, the airport has struggled to regain the crowds but by staying true to their customer centric values they are working hard to promote positive experiences for their customers. They utilize the Carpenter Sanders model to combine their values and goals with external observations in order to achieve their goals. 


BOMA Glass Factory

At Boma, we saw how they navigate big procjects and influential collaborations by making decisions one at a time. This helps them to not waste material nor worktime. This strategy has proven successful through their success over the past few years.

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