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MIe 430

Through the personal reflection in collaboration with navigating a diverse team dynamic, this course pushed me to develop my ability to communicate my personal strengths and values in a team setting. 


Reutlingen, Germany

course components

Personality Tests


During this course, we took several personality and strengths tests to help us better realize our strengths and blind spots. Results from two of the tests can be seen below.

Myers Briggs:











The results of the Myers Briggs test showed that I am extraverted, intuitive, feeling, and perceptive. As a leader, these qualities make me an excellent communicator and able to easily motivate people around me.

Clifton Strengths Test:

The results of the Clifton Strengths test showed that I was a mix of three main leadership categories; Influencing, Relationship Building, and Execution. I believe my strongest leadership trait is that I am able to understand each individual on my team then strategicly activate them to do their best work! This uses one of my strengths in each three categories.

International Teams


During this course, we worked in small teams with German graduate students. The multi cultural team dynamic provided a unique opportunity to observe cultural differences between American and German working styles. 



Tubingen, Germany


Mercedes Headquarters, Manufacturing Plant


Virtual Site Visit

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