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Global Leadership Minor

Three Countries, Four Cities, One Semester

The primary goal of the minor is to educate the student to be known as a cross-disciplinary global-minded leader within whatever professional field he/she seeks beyond graduation. The student should develop an ability to see his or her own leadership competencies within the context of their academic field, and then in relation to working across disciplines and cultures.


The minor is designed to provide students with a broad understanding of how to work more collaboratively, creatively, and effectively with people from disciplines outside of their origination, and more importantly from other cultures. All students interested in studying abroad in Europe with the intention to study and enhance leadership and effective teamwork from a global perspective are encouraged to apply to the minor.


Program Objectives

  • Identify leadership theories across cultures and disciplines

  • Assess how values and ethics influence leadership outcomes from a global perspective

  • Compare and contrast leadership practices and strategies across disciplines

  • Relate leadership theories and practices to real-life situations

  • Articulate the most appropriate team decision-making strategies to implement in different situations

  • Explain the differences between leadership strategies and theories across cultures and disciplines

Location Overview

Why I chose this Minor Program...

Throughout my courses in Fashion and Textile Management, it became evident to me that success in this industry meant being comfortable working with people around the world. I know that in my career path I see leadership as a future goal. In order to best position myself to be a successful leader in a global industry this program seemed essential.

In addition to enabling me to being successful as a leader in a global industry, I knew that this program would develop me as an individual, providing me with the skillset to successful work in teams and become self aware of my own strengths and weaknesses.  

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